quinta-feira, 26 de abril de 2012

Chernobyl pode acontecer em qualquer central nuclear.


A tale of grief and woe

Came to pass in the land of the KGB

There, in the middle of the Ukraine

The Divine Spirit no longer rests

I'll give you the lowdown

In Chernobyl by the Pripyat River

The Divine Spirit need no longer glow

Everything is already glowing by itself


Energy, oh, it's great

But someone made a little mistake

There, in the proud land of the Russ

They almost melted down the world

Everything's fine, under control

Said the Politburo

But on both right and left

Everyone's afraid to drink the milk


And since the mess on the Pripyat

The whole world's hate salad

From Kamchatka to Canada

Everybody has to drink soda

So what does that place have to do with me?

It's Jews who used to live there

Today, on our ancestor's graves

A new Angel of Death is dancing



Don't think it can only happen

In that far-off land

Be it Kiev or Detroit

Death will catch up with you all the same

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